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BIG International is proud to announce our recent approval to supply the Siemens rail division with innovative product solutions. The forward-thinking organisation is committed to delivering modern rail solutions with the Desiro family of vehicles primarily developed for operators providing regional services and the high-speed Velaro to meet the demand for high-speed travel. With Siemens Rail recognised leaders within the rail sector globally for continually improving passenger journeys by incorporating the latest technology and innovative design improvements.
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Siemens Rail Wegberg Wildenrath Test Centre

With billions of pounds being invested in the UK rail network with major high profile complex projects, Siemens Rail takes their responsibility seriously to ensure journeys undertaken by passengers are safe, comfortable and above all punctual. This high level of commitment is demonstrated with the Siemens Rail test and validation centre located in Wegberg Wildenrath, Germany, the 30-kilometre track incorporating 2 test ovals has been in operation for over 20 years. The validation centre is the largest facility in the World for testing all types of rolling stock including Locomotives, trams, metro vehicles and entire trains. With the testing facility providing certification and accreditation for many third party train rolling stock manufacturers from around the world.

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Corrosion Protection solutions for the Rail industry

Also with Siemens Rail optimising rolling stock vehicles by fully understanding the train operators challenges in delivering a fast, reliable and convenient service for fare paying passengers. It’s a great honour that Siemens Rail has identified the benefits in utilising advanced corrosion protection coatings supplied by B.I.G. Supplies. To improve reliability and help in significantly reducing maintenance times due to mechanical problems or component failure that have occurred due to corrosion.

Corrosion Protection coatings assist in making trains more reliable

With train operators usually obligated to provide and maintain a continual service 7 days a week to avoid passenger commuting disruption or the withdrawal of service. Our OEM approved corrosion protection coatings provide peace of mind that the rolling stock is protected from harsh environmental weather conditions with the additional hazard of atmospheric sea salt on coastal railway lines.

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Proud to become an approved corrosion protection coating provider for Siemens Rail

Siemens Rail has over 160 years experience in delivering rail solutions across the world and many train service providers rely on this invaluable expertise and knowledge to ensure their passenger networks remain fully operational with the minimum disruption. B.I.G. Supplies continues to be a market leader within this industry sector by delivering a wide range of OEM approved corrosion protection solutions, that assist in protecting boom sections and wheelsets from stone chippings.

Specialist corrosion protection supplier for the rail industry

Our reputation for providing specialist technologies to overcome corrosion problems within the rail industry has gained great recognition due to the important work carried out by our internal Research & Development department and specialist engineers. Also being ISO 9001 accredited we closely monitor and manage all processes internally to maintain and improve quality standards. Due to these reasons, we are an appointed supplier for many global automotive and industrial manufacturers and can guarantee consistent product deliveries that are OEM approved.