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We supply a number of aviation related industries such as ground handling, airport safety, communication & airport infrastructure industries surrounding a modern airport operation.

Many of our products are extensively used by a long list of airport vehicle manufactures through the UK & Europe including ground handling equipment such as de-icing vehicles, push-back tractors and runway maintenance vehicles. De-icing machines are very vulnerable to corrosion. The product ranges consist of heavy duty chassis coatings that temporally clear salt and acid resistant coatings for electronics and movable parts. We also supply ongoing airport maintenance schedules on air-side at major airports.

In a modern airport operation a number of complicated and vital installations are constantly monitoring and assisting the air-traffic arriving and departing from the airport. Our specific approved products provide protection for electronics and movable parts and assist in reducing maintenance schedules significantly. We can also help to protect outdoor electronic installations such as ILS and SSR radar systems.