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B.I.G. Supplies are proud to announce that British Steel has awarded the organisation with approved supplier status and we are now the nominated preferred partner, to provide vigorous accelerated corrosion testing on behalf of the company incorporating salt spray testing projects. The corrosion resistance testing services for British Steel will be conducted at B.I.G. Group Internationals state of the art laboratory and research centre located in Warrington, Cheshire. With the United Kingdom having a long-term relationship with the world’s steel manufacturing output that has declined in recent years due to cheap foreign imports. It’s a great opportunity to work closely with the newly formed British Steel organisation, who after purchasing assets during 2016 from Tata Steel Europe in conjunction with Greybull Capital are resurrecting the market. Due to reduced demand throughout Europe with the great recession of 2007-2008 hitting the construction and manufacturing sectors. Demand for long products decreased rapidly with the Tata Steel owned division operating at around 60% of it’s 5 million ton per annum capacity.

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New era for British Steel

The newly formed British Steel organisation are focussed on manufacturing long steel products from their primary Scunthorpe Steelworks operation, with additional rolling facilitated at Skinningrove, Teeside and Hayange, France. With the organisation reporting a £79 million loss during the 2015-2016 year, the business announced a 2016-2017 financial year pre-tax profit of £47 million. Building on this success the primary blast furnace based at the Scunthorpe Steelworks site can manufacture and produce a versatile range of items including billet, bloom, sections, slab, wire rod and rail steel products. British Steel is also heavily involved in the production of railway rails on mainland Europe by utilising the former Sogerail facility in Hayange, France. The company also still retain the capacity to manufacture heavy sections within the Teesside Steelworks.

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British Steel producing innovative steel rail products

After reforming in 2016, British Steel are fully committed to working within the global railway industry sector by providing solutions that are suitable for the wide range of track and traffic conditions. By continually producing innovative solutions for engineering issues based on expertise in research and development, British Steel is widely recognised throughout the rail industry in minimising life-cycle costs. The company work closely with railway industry infrastructure network companies to optimise their rail selections based on track and environmental conditions. With the steel producing organisation pro-actively committed to preventing rail corrosion, especially with track situated in harsh environments including coastal routes, salt pans, tunnels and level crossings. Continual exposure to salt and wet conditions can significantly reduce the rail track working lifespan, leading to costly premature replacement.

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Due to this reason, British Steel has developed a specialist corrosion resistant rail coating called Zinoco to improve protection and vastly increase the rail-tracks working lifespan. The Zinoco enhanced corrosion protection performance has been validated by SNCF, RATP and Network Rail in the UK. This revolutionary rail industry innovation prevents the corrosive agents from contacting the steel by utilising a metal alloy that is far more effective than traditional epoxy paints that are commonly used. By adopting this advanced manufacturing feature, Zinoco is around 5 times more resistant to abrasion and 6 times more impact-resistant compared to British Steels old rail protective treatment coatings.

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British Steel innovative wire rod production

Within the wire rod manufacturing industry sector British Steel is investing heavily in the Scunthorpe Steelworks production facility to deliver a wide range of products that meet the standards presented by safety-critical applications. This commitment has seen a growing demand from the automotive, construction, engineering and consumer manufacturing sectors sourcing British Steel solutions due to the increasing selection of sizes and reliable end product performance characteristics. British Steel also provides customers with continual impeccable wire rod quality assurance by stringently monitoring surface quality, decarburisation, chemical composition, cleanness and tensile strength properties.

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Proud to work with British Steel

B.I.G. Supplies is looking forward to working closely with British Steel and building a stronger future, by providing corrosion resistance testing services. With B.I.G. Supplies already providing a wide range of advanced corrosion protection coatings in the UK. It will be a great privilege to provide our resistance testing services to the British Steel research and development teams, who are pro-actively developing improved corrosion resistant economical solutions for their clients.

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For more information on B.I.G. Supplies corrosion resistance services utilising salt spray and climatic chamber testing please get in touch by emailing the Customer Services Team or calling: +44 (0) 1925 241 250.

The images shown in this feature are for illustrative purposes only. No corrosion resistance testing information will be disclosed to any third party and remains strictly confidential with our clients. Please do not call for a press release your application to receive any information will be denied.