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Climatic Chamber Testing Service

Are you looking to have your components & coated panels tested for corrosion resistance? At B.I.G. Supplies, our research & development department provide climatic chamber tests that adhere to any international standard requirements. Using the latest advancements in technology and equipment our service ensures your products are thoroughly tested to provide performance indicators on how they would react in the toughest environments on earth.

Climate Chamber Testing Service

Do your products still work perfectly when exposed to heat, cold, damp & windy weather? At B.I.G. Supplies, our research & development provide intensive testing of your products. The climatic chamber is a highly specialised enclosure that can recreate specific environmental conditions on machinery parts, industrial products, materials, electronic devices, components and applied surface coatings to scientifically assess their reaction. It’s a well known fact that temperature hot or cold can have many different impact changes on a product. All components used within a circuit all have individual functioning temperature ranges and once these have been exceeded with a hot or cold environment they can become faulty or cease to operate. It’s also good to check for premature material aging due to exposure of extreme high or low temperatures.

The climatic chamber can be pre-programmed to artificially replicate the exact weather conditions of an automotive part being exported from China to the United Kingdom via the port of Dubai for example. However with the chamber we can also accelerate conditions by incorporating any of the following:

  • Altitude
  • Humidity
  • Temperature cycling
  • Solar heating incorporating extreme temperatures
  • Corrosive atmospheres
  • Moisture changes
  • Relative humidity
  • UV degradation

During the test cycle we can also implement thermal shocks with sudden and extreme temperature variations. The specialist laminar air flow incorporated into the chamber also ensures a uniform temperature gradient. Climatic chamber testing provides a comprehensive performance indication on how your product will react to varying thermal and climatic conditions throughout storage, transportation and usage. Once all the scientific test data has been analysed it allows you to further develop the product with enhanced corrosion protection before manufacturing.

Access test analytics via your web browser

Our state of the art climate chamber incorporating the Envicom smart series LCD control display provides valuable continual analytics throughout the testing period. The data produced during the test cycle can be accessed via the web and viewed on any device with our specialist reporting software.

Expert knowledge & advice

The laboratory technicians based in our state of the art research & development understand the challenges presented to manufacturers and are able to expose your products to the most demanding and stringent transportation and military grade tests. All technicians at B.I.G. Supplies are specially trained to search and assess etch protection, blistering and creep corrosion defects. Before starting we can liaise with your organisation to devise the most vigorous tests possible or customise and pre-program a climate cycle that meets your requirements exactly.

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Working with your organisation

Our internal research & development team at B.I.G. Supplies can work closely with your organisation in testing, developing and validating your products. The life-cycle tests assess the reliability of your products whilst highlighting any weaknesses and improvements that can be introduced.

It can also be evaluable to test your own items against competitor products to see how they respond when subjected to the same environmental conditions. This approach method can be invaluable when benchmarking a new product.

If you would like more information on how our standardised and accredited testing services can help your organisation please send an email message or call: +44 (0) 1925 241 250

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