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Complete Solutions

B.I.G. Supplies is very much an A-Z production line supplier allowing us to tailor bespoke solutions for our customers. Please see our specialist process cycle to ensure OEM supplier compliance is always achieved.

Personal Service
In most cases off the shelve products are ideal, however in certain situations we have to modify product characteristics to fit particular production line demands. This can be due to temperature control, speed of curing or health and safety requirements. At B.I.G. Supplies we can confidently meet any demand with a cost effective solution. This is due to our control when manufacturing our own products providng us with the ablility to transform and customise standard products into bespoke solutions.


1. Incoming parts supplier cerfification  implimentation standarisation


2. Storage & warehouse control


3. Production line implementations


4. Finish product protection storage and transportation

Expert advice with ongoing support
The typical scenario is that we start by advising suppliers of the OEM plants on packaging and corrosion protection techniques. This ensures they are certified and are able to fulfill the strict packaging standardisation procedures required by OEM plants. When parts are received it’s vital that a comprehensive storage plan is implemented to ensure that all parts are stored in a non-corrosive environment. We carefully examine every stage of the production line to produce a report detailing if any process improvements could be implemented. An example of an implementation improvement could be the recommendation to use a specific washes or e-coatings. Finally the finished vehicles or products are usually coated with a specialist protective transportation coating to safeguard the paintwork during transportation and storage.