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FAQ – Frequently asked questons

Please find below some answers to frequently asked questions in relation to our extensive range of specialist products, services and brands within the B.I.G. Supplies group. However, if you require assistance please contact Customer Services who can provide professional product information and advice. We can also supply product literature including MSDS material safety data sheets and TDS technical data sheets on request. The extensive range of B.I.G. Supplies brand portfolio products and service solutions are OEM approved and professional quality with them being used on vehicle manufacturer automotive production lines and throughout the vehicle aftermarket. Our internal technical team can also provide professional specialist advice with regards to product applications.

Yes, at Leading Solvents we have an internal laboratory department providing salt spray & climatic chamber corrosion resistance services. We have specialist expertise and knowledge with testing coated & uncoated panels, screws, bolts, finished parts, consumer products, kitchen appliances & tools, components, mechanical parts, springs & bearings.

At Leading Solvents we currently provide a warehouse storage and distribution service including professional sales & marketing support for established international brands including Avia Bantleon, Menzerna, Dekalin and Dinitrol who don’t have a physical presence in the UK.

We have specialist handling expertise and work closely with many suppliers to OEM manufacturing plants to ensure the items delivered meet the strict guidelines implemented by the designated production plant facility.
Certainly, many global blue chip manufacturers seek our expertise and knowledge and all of the products are created in accordance with any regulations that are original equipment manufacturer approved. Our professional team of corrosion protection specialists can work closely with your organisation to investigate problems and provide proven solution reccommendations based on experience. We can also provide additional corrosion resistance testing when required along with supporting documentation reports. With many automotive and industrial OEM manufacturers throughout the UK we workly closely with their internal engineering, research and development teams by conducting on-site inspections.
Even though we have over 6000 products our internal research & development department continually work with many global blue-chip manufacturers to provide innovative bespoke OEM product solutions that meet their exact specification. Due to this dedication with developing products that exceed our clients expectations, we also supply the Government & Defence industry sector with specialist coating solutions that don’t compromise stealth & night vision of military vehicles.
We have speialist knowledge and experience with assisting global automotive and industrial manufacturers exporting vehicles and component parts. Due to vehicles and component parts being exposed to the highly corrosive mixture of sea salt within the atmosphere whilst being stored at dockside or during transit aboard the ship, we have an extensive range of transportation waxes. Our OEM approved Q-Line® 100C product coating protects surfaces from UV-radiation, aggressive chemicals and atmospheric pollution during transport and storage.
We are able to provide solvent free and fully biodegradable coating solutions with our products commonly used to protect pipelines against condensation problems within and underneath solar panels.
We currently supply a wide range of marine and off-shore operators including oil-rigs with OEM approved salt resistant corrosion protection coating solutions. Our solutions help to protect complicated mechanisms and equipment that are continually exposed to the harsh environmental conditions of the open sea. The products we supply are also fully compliant with environmental regulations that must be adhered to within an off-shore zone two drilling operation.
We have long standing professional working relationships with many global automotive and industrial manufacturers that are based on trust whilst continually delivering high quality products and services. The company is also ISO 9001 accredited to acknowledge our internal quality management systems and a member of Bureau Veritas. We are also proud members of the Institute of Corrosion (ICorr) organisation.