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Financial Reports

B.I.G. Supplies based in Warrington, Cheshire currently provides a turnover of around £3.9M with the company primarily operating in 8 key business sectors:

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Industrial OEM

We supply many leading European Industrial OEM Manufacturers with corrosion protection coatings, transportation waxes and advanced cleaners. This ensures the vehicles can survive in the harshest environments on earth.

oem approved corrosion protection coating vehicles automotive production lines compliance dinitrol qline rustproofing cavity wax treatments uk

Automotive OEM

Our corrosion protection product solutions are used on the production lines of automotive OEM manufacturers and also widely used by car dealerships and car import hubs throughout the United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland due to their exceptional resistance.

big international warehouse storage facility chemicals distributor warrington cheshire dinitrol mpex qline bantleon uk import hub management

Distribution & Storage

We provide distribution & storage service to a wide range of global businesses with a strategically located import hub based in Warrington, Cheshire. Our technical team can also assist and work closely with suppliers of OEM manufacturing plants to ensure the strict guidelines of the production facility are met. We also have specialist experience with ADR Hazardous Chemical transportation to check that all products are correctly labelled and packaged.

dinitrol treatment centre uk BIG international uk network rustproofing underbody chassis coating 4x4 commercial vehicles

Treatment Centre Network

We currently manage the UK network of DINITROL® Treatment Centres who provide a wide range of corrosion protection rustproofing services for passenger cars, 4×4 Off road, vans and commercial vehicles. All vehicle treatments are applied via our operational infrastructure guidelines and specialist spray diagrams. Our national account managers are actively searching for new site across the UK to increase the network coverage.

dinitrol treatment centre uk BIG international uk network rustproofing underbody chassis coating 4x4 commercial vehicles

Retail & Online Sector

With the increase in online sales we have individual dedicated e-commerce platforms for our brands providing retail customers across the UK with the opportunity to purchase OEM approved products direct. Our retail ranges are also available for purchase via the Halfords Marketplace, Ebay and Amazon selling platforms. Our DINITROL rustproofing products are primarily purchased by classic car and 4×4 off road vehicle owners. Whilst our Menzerna polishing compound range are very popular with car detailing professional and paint body repair shops across the UK.

corrosion protection testing salt spray chambers climatic chamber anti corrosion resistance testing laboratory warrington cheshire uk

Corrosion Resistance Testing

The organisation currently provides a full corrosion resistance testing standardisation service via our dedicated facility containing salt spray chambers and climatic chambers. By testing our clients machinery parts, industrial products, materials, electronic devices and components to see how they would react when subjected to the harshest environments on earth by simulating extreme heat, cold, wet, damp & windy weather conditions. Also due to our expertise we currently provide testing services for many global automotive and industrial manufacturers.

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Product Manufacturing

With our own dedicated manufacturing facilities in the UK and abroad we currently produce a diverse range of OEM approved products including: advanced corrosion control products, automotive lubrication & additives, cleaners and specialist paint solutions. We also manufacture bespoke product solutions and provide a ‘white’ private labelling service, allowing clients to launch their own brands without incurring the substantial costs associated with research and development.

laboratory research development big international group warrington corrosion prevention corrosion protection advanced coatings paints salt spray chamber corrosion resistance

Research & Development

Within our state of the art laboratories our scientists and petrochemical engineers work closely with our clients to develop bespoke OEM solutions. The team are always improving products whilst conducting research and testing to create greener more environmentally friendly new solutions for existing industry problems.

If you require any corporate literature or financial information in relation to B.I.G. Supplies. You must submit a formal request for any documentation via our Customer Services enquiry form. Any applications made for the disclosure of financial or corporate information are subject to approval by the senior management team and financial director.