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B.I.G. Suppliess OEM approved professional advanced coatings are supplied to numerous blue chip industrial & automotive manufacturers globally and are commonly used on production lines by leading manufacturers in the following sectors: Automotive OEM, industrial machinery & vehicle manufacturers, railway industry, government & defence sector, off-shore & marine, shipping industry, aviation industry and renewable energy sector.

Anti Corrosion & transportation coating solutions

Q-Line® 100C protects surfaces from UV-radiation, aggressive chemicals and atmospheric pollution during transport and storage. The coating protects effectively for approximately two years depending on storage and transport conditions. Q-Line® 140C protects the painted metal even in extreme environments. Our Q-Line® transportation are used by mainly leading vehicle manufacturers to provide protection from the corrosive sea salt and acid rain whilst the vehicles are awaiting exportation on the dock side.

Industrial grade cleaning product solutions

Industrial vehicles including excavators, heavy trucks, lorries and construction equipment are subjected to some of the harshest environments and weather conditions on a daily basis. Our wide range of Q-Line® industrial grade cleaning products can greatly assist in drastically reducing corrosion of your industrial vehicles. The hydro carbon based Q-Line® 740 cleaning product is ideal for de-greasing surfaces & de-waxing and is commonly used to remove transportation coatings. Q-Line® 760 is a strong universal cleaner used to clean trucks and heavy equipment. Our super strong degrease cleaner Q-Line® 700 is 100% VOC free and creates a grease free surface that is paintable straight away.