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Research & development

We continually invest heavily with scientific research to constantly improve products whilst finding new solutions to existing industry problems.

At our state of the art laboratories our technicians and chemical engineers work closely together. In the pursuit of making our products performing better, last longer, and resist any impact and whilst not harming the nature that we are all so dependent on. Our petrochemical engineers are together with assistants constantly looking for more sustainable solutions, a recent project involved developing a special lubrication harvested from wheat. All our products are tested and certified in accordance with REACH. We extensively test our products individually in salt spray chambers to ensure they meet specific requirements. Our products are all tested in climate chambers for temperature variation ranging from -60 to +120 degrees. In Australia, we test all surface coatings and bonding’s for UV stability with some samples baking in the sun for several years. We leave nothing to chance, ensuring that our costumers can rely on our product quality. Our R&D department work closely together with car & industrial manufactures to ensure compatibility and endurance.

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We are fully compliant and part of REACH
The European Union’s chemical regulation REACH – came into effect with the purpose of ensuring a high level of protection with human health and the environment. This has enhanced competitiveness and innovation in the industry. The regulations also promote the development of alternative methods for the assessment of hazards of substances. REACH covers substances on their own and in mixtures with a Candidate List that is continuously updated to list all hazardous substances. B.I.G. Supplies facilities in the EU do not manufacture or import chemicals, oils and metals for re-melting from countries outside the EU.

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