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Due to the increasing demand for our corrosion resistance testing services from companies operating within the automotive and industrial manufacturing sectors across the UK. B.I.G. Supplies have recently purchased additional ASCOTT state of the art ergonomically designed 450-litre capacity salt spray chambers, that will be installed within the research & development laboratory located in Cheshire. These new salt spray chambers will further increase our capacity to conduct continuous single temperature testing in-line with standards, that include pH neutral solutions (NSS), Acetic Acid (ASS) and Cupric Acid (CASS).

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Advanced corrosion resistance salt spray chamber testing service

The new advanced continuous salt spray chambers can conduct ASTM B117 international standardised testing along with more advanced ‘modified’ tests that are defined within ASTM G85 (Annex A1, A2, A3, A4 & A5) classification. With the modified testing it’s possible to perform a 2 part cycle to accelerate the corrosion resistance testing. These additional services enable us to provide clients with Humidity Testing to ASTM D2247 & similar test standards. By incorporating salt spray and condensation humidity (SWAAT) or salt spray and drying (PROHESION) or salt spray and SO2 testing for example. The fully equipped salt spray chamber benefits from a user-friendly touch screen and we can create complex multi-step test programmes allowing us to accommodate a wide range of profiles.

Salt Spray Testing Standards

ASTM B117 – The American Society of Testing Materials is one of the most widely adopted and popular salt spray testing standards that is widely used throughout the world and is considered to be the global standard.
ASTM G85 annex A1 – The acetic acid salt spray continuous test was originally recognised under ASTEM B287
ASTM G85 annex A2 – The cyclic acidified salt spray test was originally developed for ex-foliation testing on certain aluminium alloys.
ASTM G85 annex A3 – The seawater acidified cyclic test was initially developed to assess corrosion resistance in severe marine atmosphere conditions off-shore.
ASTM G85 annex A4 – The cyclic sulphur dioxide (SO2) salt spray test was created by the US Navy to simulate ex-foliation corrosion commonly associated with aircraft carriers.
ASTM G85 annex A5 – The dilute electrolyte cyclic fog /dry test commonly called the PROHESION method was developed during the 1970s by F.D. Timmins in collaboration with a surface coatings company called Mebon Paints located within the UK.

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Salt Spray Chamber Testing Service

For more information on our confidential corrosion resistance testing services please contact B.I.G. Supplies via sending a message or calling: +44 (0)1925 241250. We can provide an extensive array of corrosion resistance standardisation testing and currently work closely with many leading global manufacturing organisations to implement any specific bespoke requirements. Also with our extensive experience gained by providing leading OEM automotive and industrial manufacturers with advanced corrosion protection coatings, we are able to provide additional professional advice, support and solution recommendations when required.