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Salt Spray Chamber Testing Service

Are you looking to have your components & coated panels tested for corrosion resistance? At B.I.G. Supplies, our research & development department provide comprehensive salt spray chamber tests that adhere to any international standard requirements. Using the latest advancements in technology and equipment our service ensures your products are thoroughly tested to provide performance indicators on how they would react in the toughest environments on earth.

Salt Spray Testing Service

The salt spray chamber test service is a low cost effective efficient way to evaluate the resistance to corrosion for coatings, paints and small metal objects including mechanical parts. At B.I.G. Supplies we test all products to the recognised global standards. The state of the art salt spray chamber exposes your product to a very intensive salt based atmosphere for a controlled period of time whilst considerably accelerating the corrosion process. The usual industry standard for testing a product is between 240 to 1000 hours inside the chamber however we can customise the time period to your specific requirements. Conducting salt spray tests with products ensures they exceed the stringent requirements of all national, international and corporate standards. Also being a manufacturer of corrosion protection coatings we can apply different products from our extensive range to determine the most effective solution. A frequently used common test is to assess the exposure of road salt to automotive parts especially around the under body section of a vehicle.

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What items are suitable for salt spray testing

The usual items we check for clients are: coated & uncoated panels, screws, bolts, finished parts, consumer products, kitchen appliances & tools, components, mechanical parts, springs & bearings. The test is widely used by the industrial, marine, automotive, air craft, and military sectors to evaluate corrosion resistance of parts or finished surfaces. It’s incredibly important if you are an OEM manufacturer or supplier that all components are thoroughly tested and documented.

By using a standardised accelerated corrosion test of your product you are able to estimate component service life and ensure your product provides adequate protection throughout the duration life span. During the test cycle we are able to monitor the corrosion levels at specified time intervals by also opening the cabinet and taking photographic evidence of any surface oxidisation.

Providing performance indication results

Salt spray test results can be used to predict the suitability of a protective coating in relation to providing effective corrosion resistance. The machine allows us to deliver the precise environmental test conditions demanded by industry today. Throughout the test cycle our laboratory technicians examine the metal plate surface for evidence of corrosion characteristics. When checking the surfaces our technicians are specially trained to search and assess edge protection, blistering and creep defects. The chamber can also accommodate numerous small metal panels or objects and this allows for multiple products to be compared scientifically in the same controlled test environment. Creep is the scientific term that describes the process when corrosion is evident underneath the coating this forms a membrane exposing the untreated surface to air and moisture. Blistering usually starts to become evident in the centre of the metal test panels.

Salt spray test standardisation

We only use refined salt for salt spray testing with a purity that meets the latest requirements of ASTM B117, ISO 9227 and DIN 50 021. Our salt is supplied with a UKAS Certificate of Analysis & Certificate of Conformity.

The salt spray chamber also has high a humidity 98% RH at constant or cyclic temperatures. Fitted with a sophisticated atomiser ensures an even distribution of salt spray and precise collection rates throughout the chamber.

If you would like more information on how our standardised and accredited testing services can help your organisation please send an email message or call: +44 (0) 1925 241 250

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