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Being a global producer of chemical products we take our environmental responsibility very seriously with research & development and solvent FREE ranges

Global warming is becoming a reality! Temperatures are continuously rising as more greenhouse gases are emitted in the atmosphere. Environmental conditions are changing too and thereby jeopardising our usual way of living and working. The B.I.G. Supplies Group shares the concern among politicians, businesses and the general public about the state of the world. In our opinion, we all need to take responsibility for our actions. During the past several years the B.I.G. Supplies Group have pro-actively worked on reducing our environmental impact. We have a tradition of being innovative and this is also the case when it comes to environmental initiatives and developments. This continuous effort has earned us the position to become an industry leader in several key business areas. Being a group of our size we feel particularly committed to contributing with sustainable solutions in the industry sectors we operate in. We have numerous examples that show how we already work to be energy efficient with our own products, partners and suppliers. Our petrochemical engineers are together with assistants constantly looking for more sustainable solutions, with a recent bespoke solution project we had to develop a special lubrication harvested from wheat.

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Solvent free range
We currently have an environmental strategy for the entire Group with a published report on Health, Safety and Environment. By focusing on energy efficiency within our business strategy we furthermore commit ourselves to do more than the regulations require. These initiatives, as well as the new green section of our website, are ways of showing our commitment to the environmental agenda. This is also reflected in our present considerations to sign up with the Global Compact and the Carbon Disclosure Projects.